Cultural Diversity towards Remote Work: Inputs from field researches

In these months, three international students in Erasmus Mundus program of “Adult Education for Social Change” are doing their practical placement in PARE. Their aim is to gain and share know-how about how people and organisations develop in Estonia and beyond. This community event is an invitation to everybody who are interested in understanding better how cultural diversity can be a useful resource and opportunity. 

Development of technology, need for more flexibility regarding time and place, striving to work effectively and many other factors contributed that organisations and companies use now, more than ever, a remote environment in their functioning. One of the many positive sides of remote settings for organisations is the opportunity to gather people all around the world, to work on the same mission, towards the same vision.

Speaking of that, we come to the term ‘Cultural diversity’. “Cultural diversity is when differences in race, ethnicity, language, nationality…are represented within a community” (Amadeo, 2013).

In this one hour session, master students from Tallinn University, who are studying on an international program in Adult Education for Social Change (IMAESC), will present the benefits of cultural diversity in remote workplace settings and how to nurture it.

NB! The session will be conducted in English.

Since the workshop will be interactive, there are places for 20 participants.


IMAESC team:

Leyla Aliyeva,

Sadia Bashir,

Bojana Jevic.

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